Walk In: $16
5 Pack: $75*
10 Pack: $135*
15 Pack: $195**
25 Series: $299**
6 Month Unlimited: $699
1 Year Unlimited: $1299
Student Ryde: $12

* Expires 3 months from purchase date.
** Expires 6 months from purchase date. Cards are non-transferable and non-refundable.


R3 clients agree to comply with R3’s terms and conditions as expressed below. These terms were developed to ensure that our customers are using our facilities and services with due regard to their rights and the rights of other customers, and in conformity with the requirements of R3’s procedures, rules, regulations and requirements, terms and conditions.

In order to place a reservation, you must first own a series (group of RYDES).

To buy a series of RYDES, you can sign up here for a username and password and purchase a series online. If you already have a username and password click “sign-in” to buy a series and make your reservation.

We accept Cash, Check and Visa.

You can reserve RYDES up to 1 week in advance.


To receive a full refund for a cancellation of a reserved class, you must cancel your reservation by midnight the night before the class. Classes not cancelled by midnight the night before will be charged to your series.


By signing up for classes at R3, I hereby agree that there are certain inherent dangers in cycling and exercise and in using cycling and exercise equipment. In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities and any other programs provided by R3, and to use R3’s facilities and equipment and in addition to the payment of any fee or charge, I do hereby waive, release and forever discharge R3, its offices, agents, employees, representatives, executors and all other from any and all responsibility or liability from injuries or damages resulting from my participation in any activities or my use of equipment in the above mentioned activities. I do hereby release all of those mentioned above and any others that may be affected by this provision.